Fanad Head Lighthouse by marcocalandra89

Posted on: September 19, 2018 at 07:23PM

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The “Behind the scenes” of this shot is a bit long.
After organizing myself with two other boys, living in Dublin, we decided to go and take some shots of a series of landscapes in Ireland that we had not explored yet.
One only drawback: a terrible rain from morning to evening …
Yes, we ventured to the north-west coast of Ireland with a never-ending rain.
After exploring part of Sligo and the Tullymore lighthouse we decide to visit the last lighthouse scheduled for the day, the Fanad Head Lighthouse.
For about half an hour, during the sunset, the weather conditions were on our side, in fact the rain had a truce.
I decided to take a shot of this scene as best as the light of the scene faded and the light from the lighthouse became more intense.
A total of about 760km were made to go and photograph some locations certainly magical but unfortunately not wrapped by the best light, but this is the challenge of every landscape photographer.

Nisi HD Polariser + NiSi ND8 GND Medium

Via 500px

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